José M. Cobián

Digital Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Freelance Consultant & Remote Worker

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I do stuff

Among other things, I currently collaborate on a regular basis both with the online venture builder Riverlan and with the management consulting boutique firm ITASU on a variety of projects.

Previously, I helped blockchain & fintech trailblazer Circle and mobile hotel bookings pioneer HotelTonight (acquired by AirBnB in 2019) to launch and expand their services in Southern Europe.

Prior to that, I led Europe's first 100% free-of-cost startup accelerator for first-time entrepreneurs as CEO of TetuanValley. Also, I developed and helped manage multiple startup programs, tech incubators, and academic syllabi to foster the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Before that, I started my career contributing to the growth of various clients across multiple industries and geographies as a Management Consultant for Oliver Wyman and Monitor Group.

Let's work together!

Whether you are...

(i) an early-stage startup searching for advice on how to grow, fund or bootstrap your business,

(ii) a more established VC-funded startup looking to expand internationally or into other verticals,

(iii) a small and medium-sized company seeking to digitalize your business, or

(iv) a corporation in need to restructure or reshape your entity to adapt to the ever-changing global market and foster innovation in your organization,

... I would love to help you achieve your goals!

Send me a brief note in the form below stating your name, company, e-mail, as well as what you are looking for, and I will try to get back to you ASAP.